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Restringing - Tennis

With all the racket restring services, we look to offer our customers with that little bit more in terms of quality and convenience.

It is acutely important to get a good playing finish with tennis rackets. The loads on tennis rackets are much higher than the other rackets and the tension in each string has a bearing on playability. As a standard we will string your tennis racket proportionally.

Basically, proportional stringing creates a string bed with the same relative loading across the entire racket. It takes more time but delivers a profesisonal feel to the performance of the racket right from the start.

Stringing Options

In terms of the strings performance the owner should consider what he/she most wants to improve in their game:

Less Tension

A racket strung at a lower tension will be more forgiving in the shot and provide more power. Generally better for players still developing their game.

More Tension

Provides greater control but requires a greater level of ability to be able to make use of the extra control. Comes at the sacrifice of power.

Strings and Prices (Currently in stock).

All prices include collection and delivery

Monofilaments - Power and Durability

Head Sonic Pro 1.25mm (White or Black) £30

  • Made from uniquely refined co-polymer polyester with a soft molecular construction, Sonic Pro string offers superior control and touch for extra pop and spin.
  • This soft feeling durable string offers a nice lively response and playability in a polyester.

Babolat Pro Hurricane (White) £35

  • Polyester power strring to meet the needs of top tournament players.
  • Babolat has introduced a new construction process called Technology XFP which utilizes Babolat's latest string material Xtrem Futur Polymer.
  • Pro Hurricane is the string of choice for Andy Roddick, Fernando Gonzalez, Ivan Ljubicic, and Ashley Harkleroad.

Toalson Rencon (Yellow) £25

  • Advanced technology to create a more elastic polyester core, reducing shock and offering better playability than most polyester strings. Maintains its tension very well throughout the life of the string - giving long lasting performancel.

Luxillion Big Banger Series (XP, Timo, Alu Power, M2) £35

  • Highly responsive and powerful range of high specification strings for the professional player.


Single Wrapped Monofilament - Durability and Comfort

Toalson Gold 1.35mm (White) £25

  • Very popular reliable string. Good performance. Especially good when used in hybrid configurations with monofilaments on the main strings.

Prince Synthetic Gut 1.30mm (Gold, White) £35

  • This is one of the world's most popular synthetic strings. Engineered with Duraflex for increased Durability. Great for recreational players.

Head Synthetic Gut PPS 1.30mm (White) £35

  • The Head Synthetic Gut String features a co-polymer center core surrounded by a multifilament single wrap. This offers a good blend of playability and durability.

Multifilament - Response, touch and playability

Head Rip Control £30

  • Mutlifilament with textured sheaf to provide maximum comfort and topspin. The string also holds tension well till the end. £30. (Subject to stock availability)


Tecnifibre Promix (Natural) 1.3mm £40

  • Great combination of control and comfort
  • Multifilaments reinforced with polyester.
  • Tennis stringing Tecnifibre Pro-mix 1.30mm provides outstanding feel and control and is as near to natural gut as you can get with a synthetic string

Babolat Addiction 1.25 or 1.30mm (Natural) £40

  • Babolat offers the perfect string for the tennis addict with Addiction. Featuring a multifilament construction, Addiction blends power, control and comfort.
  • A mix of polyamide fibers and polyurethane provides a soft feel.
  • Durability is enhanced with Polytetrafluorethylene, a low friction material included to reduce string notching and premature breakage.

Natural Gut

Babolat VS touch 1.25 to 1.35mm (£55)

  • Nothing better but unfortunately it is expensive. However it's pedigree is clear - 100 grand slam titles have been won with this string!

Titan G9 1.4mm (£50)

  • This natural gut has a flexiseal coating to waterproof the strings and therefore increase the durability of gut.
  • 1.4mm for increased durability.

Tip: Don't play with natural guts in the rain as it ruins the strings.



If you would like to use another string please phone and I will quote including the cost of the different string. Any string can quickly be ordered.