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Restringing - Squash

Stringing is a stressful experience for squash rackets. They are supporting high string loads in relation to their mass and consequently it takes time and care to make sure that the racket is not being over-stressed during the process; rushing through the work and/or bad technique will shorten the life of the racket.

Stringing Options

Squash rackets come in many different configurations and the differences can have an impact on the type of strings that you choose. A racket with 12 main [vertical] strings will wear the string quicker than a racket with the more traditional 16 or 18 patterns; consequently a more durable string might be appropriate.

Generally strings perform at their best when the crosses are set at one or two lbs less than the main strings. In terms of tension on the strings, the owner should consider what he/she most wants to improve in their game:

Less Tension

A racket strung at a lower tension will provide more power than one at high tension. Generally better for players still developing their game.

More Tension

Provides greater control and more applicable for advanced players who are aiming for precise length and width; and of course nicks.

Strings and Prices (Currently in stock)

Head Perfect Power - Superb string for the touch player. 1.3mm for durability. £40

Toalson Asterisk 120 (any colour available) - Single wrapped monofilament. Durable and reliable string. £25

Ashaway Superrnick 1.3mm- Multifilament string renowned as a great string for players with a strong 'touch' game. A favourite with many people. £35.

Ashaway Supernick 1.18mm - Multifilament as above but with thinner guage for better performance. £35.

Toalson Biologic - little known in the UK -Toalson are a fabulous Japanese string maker producing fantastic products to rival any. Biologic is very similar to tecnifibre 305 - comes in 1.2 guage £30

Tecnifibre X-One Bi phase - ultra performance 1.18mm guage string as used by professional players; smooth, durable and vibration free string. Cost for restring including pick up and delivery £35. Be aware this product is very high performance and it is not the most durable string.

Tecnifibre 305 - The high performing 305 is a smooth string giving power and control. Thicker guage 1.30mm for greater durability £35

Rab Sensor Fibre - Sensor Fibre is similar to 305 - the closest thing to natural gut; It offers a natural feel and is forgiving to the arm (ie. tennis elbow). The very small fibres are formed together by a unique chemical heat process. The material is saturated with polyurethane, twisted and time cured to create an exact string memory. This memory will read your shot precisely and help you to transmit the exact detail of Power and Touch. Perfect your game with Sensor Fibre. £40

If you have a preference for alternative strings or hybrids feel free to state your choice. Strings can be brought into stock within a day.