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Restringing - Badminton

We have in stock a wide range of badminton strings to meet any requirement. All prices are inclusive of collection and delivery.

Key factors in choosing a string:

Multifilament strings - this type of string is built up with multiple strands. The string spreads the load of the shot to provide a high performance. Types vary to offer differing levels of durability and bite. They come in a variety of gauges from 0.8mm to 0.66mm. The thicker the string; the longer the string will last - but won't play quite as well. The majority of brands including Yvonex, Ashaway, Babolat and Toalson have string guages between 0.74 and 0.68mm:


Ashaway Rally 21 0.75mm £35

Yvonex BG63 0.74mm £35

Toalson Premium Premium 65 0.70mm £35

Yvonex BG68 0.68mm £35

Babolat Hyperbraid Micro 0.67mm £50 (Excellent for touch players)

Gosen Pro 66 0.66mm £45


Single Wrapped Monofilament - a single core strand with a casing twine on the outside. If string durability is a big issue these strings will provide a durable product. Toalson, Gosen and Babolat products available.

Babolat Challenge Hi-Life 0.85mm £40

Toalson Superline 80 0.80mm £40

Gosen Hy Sheep 0.75mm Natural £40


Oil filled single or Double Wrap - jelly / oil encased string to help reduce vibration within ther racket. It also provides a textured surface for extra bite into the shot.

Kingfisher - Blu Oil £45